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Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (YUTCM), established in 1960, isamong the second group of TCM universities set up nationwide. The university is located in Kunming, the picturesque provincial capital of Yunnan, with scenic splendors and spring-like weather all-year round. With 46 yearsof development, the university now is able to award master degrees and has set up two campuses in sequence: Bai Ta campus and Guan Shang campus. Presently the university is constructing the third one which is located in Cheng Gong near Kunming covers an area of over 546,940 square meters and the total construction area is 270,000 square meters, which will be finished in the autumn of 2008. The university has cultivated ten thousands doctors of various levels and specialties. The university has more than 10,000 students, 1,200 staff members.

The university was conferred the right to enroll international students and students from Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan for diploma education. The University has begun to enroll international students since 1970s, and is one of the first universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine to enroll international students for MBBS with Extra TCM. So far, the university has cultivated hundreds of well-rounded international students over 10 countries and regions. After their graduation, most of them engaged in teaching, medical treatment and scientific research in their countries independently, For the sake of promoting the educational, academic, technological, and cultural exchange between various countries and zones, Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine warmly welcomes friends as well as the enthusiasts and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine from various countries to study at our campus.

Yunnan is short for“yun”or“dian”, which is the most southwestern province in China, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its southern part. The province has an area of 394,000 square km, 4.1 percent of the nations total. The province borders Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Guizhou Province in the east, Sichuan Province in the north, and Tibet Autonomous Region in the northwest. It shares a border of 4,060 km with Myanmar in the west, Laos in the south, and Vietnam in the southeast. The highest point in the north is the Kagebo Peak in Deqin County on the Deqin Plateau, which is about 6,740 meters high; and the lowest is in the Honghe River Valley in Hekou County, with an elevation of 76.4 meters. Yunnan abounds in natural resources. It is known as the kingdom of plants, animals and home of non-ferrous metals and medicinal herbs. Yunnan is attractive with its rich tourism resources, including beautiful landscape, colorful ethnic customs, and a pleasant climate.

M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

Duration: 6 years including 1 year of internship

Who is eligible to apply?
Those who have 10+2, A-Levels, FSc, HSSC, WAEC or Equivalent qualification.
These must include Chemistry AND Biology AND/OR Mathematics AND/OR Physics

School info:

 Tuition Fee2200USD
Hostel Fee500USD
Regiatration Fee500USD (ONE TIME ONLY)
Admission350USD (ONE TIME ONLY)
Application Fee350USD (ONE TIME ONLY)
Management Fee900USD (ONE TIME ONLY)

LocationZone:South West Address:NO.201 Shuangqiao Road, Guanshang, KUNMING
650200 Summary
Institution (Private/Public):Public Year Founded:1960

About the International Students Program:
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) WITH Extra TCM

Started Semester: September

Personal characteristics: suitability to Medicine

Empathy: ability and willingness to imagine the feelings of others and understand the reasons for the views of others
Motivation: a reasonably well-informed and strong desire to practice Medicine
Communication: ability to make knowledge and ideas clear using language appropriate to the audience
Honesty and integrity
Ethical awareness
Other: ability to work with others, capacity for sustained and intense work

Academic Potential
Problem-solving: critical thinking, analytical approach
Intellectual curiosity: keenness to understand the reason for observations; depth; tendency to look for meaning;
enthusiasm and curiosity in science
Communication skills: willingness and ability to express clearly and effectively; ability to listen; compatibility with
tutorial format

Fitness to practice
This is a matter in which health and conduct, and not simply academic standing are relevant. The Medical School accordingly has
procedures for removing individuals from the Register of Medical Students on non-academic grounds.

Year 1 – Year 3  Year 4 – year 6
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
ChineseLanguagePhysicalEducationChina BriefMedical PhysicsOrganicChemistryHuman AnatomyCell BiologyHistology andEmbryologyChinese LanguagePhysiologyPsychologyBiochemistryMedical EthicsMicrobiologyImmunologyParasitologyPathophysiologyMedical GeneticsChinese LanguageSectional andImaging AnatomyPharmacologyPathologicalAnatomyMolecular biologyDiagnosticsForensicMedicinePreventiveMedicineLaboratoryDiagnosisChinese LanguageNuclear MedicineImage DiagnosisAnesthesiologyPublic HealthManagement andHealth LawLiterature SearchTraditionalChinese MedicineMedical ChineseInternal MedicineSurgeryPediatricsENTMedical ChineseInternal MedicineSurgeryGynecology andObstetricsDermatology andVenereologyNeurologyInfectious DiseasesOphthalmologyDentistryEmergencyMedicinePsychiatryConvalescenceMedicineOtorhinolaryngology Internship
Salient Features at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (YUTCM)