Shenyang University of Technology

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT), situated in Shenyang-a key modern city in the northeast, is an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy. The predecessor Shenyang Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College founded in 1949 was renamed SUT in 1985, and it used to be affiliated with the State Ministry of Mechanical Industry. It was built by the central government and the local government since 1998, mainly managed by Liaoning Province.

SUT is made up by 4 campuses, namely, Central Campus, Xingshun Campus, Science and Technology Park and Liaoyang Campus. The core campus-Central Campus is located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Area which is a center for equipment manufacturing industry.

Covering a total area of 1,596,000 square meters and building area of 624,000 square meters, SUT has 20 Schools, 3 Teaching Departments, 2 Engineering Practice Centers, with 50 undergraduate programs and 20 three-year-term programs. By now there are altogether 31315 students registered in the university, including 16087 undergraduates, 2778 postgraduates, 1831 three-year-term students, 7236 on-the-job students and 3383 students of the Engineering School of SUT (the independent college).

SUT is authorized for the conferment of Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctor’ Degree. 5 first-level disciplines and 17 second-level disciplines are authorized for the conferment of Doctor’ Degree, and 71 second-level disciplines for the conferment of Master’s Degree. The university also has 3 post-doctoral research centers in Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Material Science, and 4 Master’s Degree programs in Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting and Engineering Management, among which the Master’s Degree program in Engineering involving 12 fields is entitled to cultivate MBA. Besides, there are 1 key discipline in Electrical Machine and Apparatus at national level, 4 key first-level disciplines at provincial level as well as 16 key second-level disciplines at provincial level.

At present, there are 1203 teachers in SUT, with 3 academicians, 201 professors, 373 associate professors, 555 lectures, 55 doctoral supervisors and 25 young and middle-aged academic leaders.Among the rich teacher resources, 26% has Doctor’s Degree and 77% has both Master’s Degree and Doctor’ Degree.

SUT has established stable and long-term collaborative relations with over 41 universities from different countries, such as USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, Korea Republic, Finland, etc. It has begun to enroll foreign students since 1985, and started the international cooperative education at undergraduate level and postgraduate level with University of Luton, Griffith University and Benedictine University since 2001. So far, the MBA program with Benedictine University has lasted 5 years and the number of oversea students in SUT has reached 900.

Following the school motto of “work perseveringly with self-reliance” and the spirit of “hard work, plain living and ceaseless self-improvement,” SUT is now striding forward to realize the goal of constructing an open high-level research-oriented multiversity.

The Electric Machines and Electrical Apparatus has obtained the status of state key discipline: 16 disciplines are recognized as key discipline of Liaoning Province. SUT has a set of significant research bases as State Engineering Research Center of Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Electrical Machine Technology, Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Application, Engineering Research Center of Liaoning Province for Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Electrical Machine Technology, Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in Key base of humanities and social science key Laboratory of Electrical Apparatus, High Voltage and Strong Electric Current Lab of Liaoning Province, Key Lab of CNC Manufacturing of Complicated Curved Surface, Key Lab of Advanced Online Inspection, Key Lab of light metal material and its engineer, Key Lab of magnesium alloys and their forming technologies. SUT has 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 201 professors, 55 doctor supervisors and 373 vice professors.

Recent years, SUT has undertaken a number of scientific research projects of state, ministry and province, including “973” projects, “863” projects, major-tackling projects and natural science fund sponsored projects and have made achievements of world advanced level significant social effect and contribution to the construction of national economy. SUT has developed stable research directions in the areas of special electrical machine and its control, the conversion and comprehensive utilization of wind energy. Alloy Solidification and Near-Net-Shape Techniques, industrial process control and online inspection, High Performance Magnesium Alloy and its application, Numerical Control Theory and high precision processing, electromagnet theory and application, high voltage apparatus and its control, Electrical Drive and Servo-System, new material and surface technology, special processing technology and equipment, computer science and application petrochemical engineering, macromolecular material and managing science and engineering; it has made significant scientific research achievements, some of which are in the advanced level of nation or international.

In the meantime, in the fierce trend of developing high level education, SUT is striving to grow our university in to a high level, multi-subject teaching and research university which gains a footing in Liaoning, serving all the nation engineering oriented, Stressing Characteristics and open type. The spirit of creation, innovation and down-to earth hard work will propel SUT into a prosperous future.

Introduction to Subjects in English of SUT

Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation

The major is the third best one in the rank of all over country
Electrical Engineering Level Subjects ( Including 5 second-rate disciplines :Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, Power System and its Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering) .

★Main Courses
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Network Theory, Electromagnetic Fields, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, power electronic technology, Principles of Automatic Control, Electro mechanics , Electrical Appliances, Modern Inspection Technology, Power Engineering, Principles and Application of Mono-Chip Computer, High Voltage Engineering, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major: Material Formation and Control Engineering

★Main Courses
Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design Foundation, Fundamentals of Electro-technics, Basic of Electronic Technology, Materials Science Foundation, Metal Solidification Principle, Plastic Processing Mechanics.

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation
★Main Courses
Project Charting, Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Mechanical Theory, Machinery Design, Electrical Technology Principle, Basic of Electronic Technology, Principle of Microcomputer and Application, Engineering Material, Mechanism Manufacture Technology Basis, Electrical and Mechanical Drive and Control Technology, CNC Technology.

Major:International Trade and Business
Education System: four years
Students who are eligible to obtain a bachelor’s degree and undergraduate diploma must successfully complete the prescribed credits delivered by Major Cultivation Program and pass the undergraduate dissertation.

★Main Subjects
Economics, International Business, International Finance,International Marketing

★Main Courses
Principles of Economics, International Business, International Trade Affairs, International Commercial Law , International Finance, Foreign Business Correspondence, International Marketing, etc . Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

★Main Courses
Finance, Financial Marketing , Central Banking , Commercial Banking, Insurance , International Finance, International Finance, Corporate finance, Financial Engineering, Security Investment, Accounting, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

★Main Courses
Political Economics, Micro-economics, Macro-economics, econometrics, Accounting, Finance, International Economics, Industrial Economics, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Business Administration
★Main Courses
Management, Technological Economics, Modeling and decision making technology, Fundamentals of Accounting, Macro-economics ,Micro-economics, Management Information Systems, Financial Management, operations research, Statistics, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Computer Science and Technology
★Main Courses
Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Electronic Technology, Computer Composition and Structure, Object-oriented Technology, Principle and Application of Database, Operating system, Network and Communication Technology, Software Engineering, User needs and System Modeling, Large Database System Development, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Civil Engineering
★Main Courses
Theoretical Mechanics,mechanics of materials,Structural mechanics,Civil engineering drawing and CAD,Civil Engineering Materials,Concrete structure design basic principle,Design Principles of Steel Structure,Civil Engineering Construction,Soil Mechanics & Substructure,Civil Engineering Surveying,earthquake resistance of engineering structure,Building construction, Bridge construction.

Tuition Fees: 16000 RMB per Year (2630 USD)
Hostel Fees: Air-conditioned room- 7200 RMB (1185 USD) (person / year) (air conditioners, refrigerators, bathroom);
Ordinary room- 4320 RMB (710 USD) (person / year); (no air conditioners, no refrigerators, only electric fans, and a common bathroom on each floor)
Application Fee & JW202 Fee: 300 USD
Residence permit & Insurance: Resident Permit- 600 RMB/Year (98 USD); Insurance -150 RMB/Year (25 USD).
Course Duration: 4 Years